My Double Life By Janette Rallison

My Double Life By Janette Rallison 150 150 Reader Views Kids

My Double Life
Janette Rallison
Putnam Juvenile (2010)
ISBN 9780399252624
Reviewed by Avni Gupta (age 15) for Reader Views (04/10)

When I received “My Double Life,” I was very excited about reading it! I have read almost all of the books by Janette Rallison, and I loved every one that I had read before “My Double Life.” After reading it, I definitely was not disappointed! This book was amazing! It had everything that you could want, all the way down to the life lesson. Having a life lesson in a book is normally a very hard thing to do, because if done incorrectly, then the author comes across as condescending, and no reader wants to read anything that makes them feel inferior.

This book began with Alexia Garcia walking home from school. All throughout her life, people have told Alexia that she looks like Kari Kingsley, pop princess extraordinaire, so when Keri Kingsley’s manager calls her to offer her a job as Keri’s double, Alexia thinks that she’s being duped. When Kari’s manager actually comes by to get Alexia to take the job, she doesn’t know what to think. All her life, Alexia’s mother warned her about famous people. Alexia was always told that she needs to stay far away from them. Then she learns the truth about her father, and that knowledge causes Alexia to decide to take the job so that she can try and get close to her father, but will all of her efforts be in vain? Have her mother’s warnings been right all along?

I thought that “My Double Life” by Janette Rallison was amazing! There was nothing that I disliked about it! The way that all of the characters were described and the way that the events took place made me feel as though I was really there alongside Alexia as this story took place. I was surprised to learn that actors took doubles to do appearances for them. I would have thought that because these places are paying the actors so much money, they would have the courtesy to actually show up. If they are getting that much money for someone else being there, why do they get paid so much in the first place? That makes absolutely no sense at all to me.


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