My Desert Sun by Diana Tuorto

My Desert Sun by Diana Tuorto 150 150 Reader Views Kids

My Desert Sun 
Diana Tuorto
BookSurge Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9781439232378
Reviewed by Genna Chatel (age 9) for Reader Views (7/09)


“My Desert Sun” is about a horse named Cayuse that lives in the wild and gets captured by ranchers. He goes to a big ranch in the American Southwest. Good and bad things happen to him along his journey. He explores the side of his life that he has never explored before, which is dealing with mankind.

This book made me feel happy and sad because in some parts Cayuse doesn’t get treated very well. For instance, the rancher ties up his front legs and he has to try to walk. I think that is a terrible mistreatment of a horse.

One happy part was when Cayuse gets shipped off to a new farm. It’s smaller but he still likes it.  My favorite character is Blackbird because she is a beautiful mare with a long mane and tail. She becomes Cayuse’s friend along the way.

The book was difficult for me to read because it had smaller text than I usually read and I had a hard time understanding the story. Also, the names were difficult for me to say.  I would recommend “My Desert Sun” by Diana Tuorto to ages 11 and up and for kids who like horses and learning about riding.

Mom’s note: Genna had a hard time with this book. Though she loves horses, she couldn’t get through this one without help.

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