My Beauty: A Guide to Looking & Feeling Great (Tween Lifestyle Collection)
Marlene Wallach
Aladdin (2009)
ISBN 9781416979098
Reviewed by McKenzie Tritt (age 16) for Reader Views (12/09)


Marlene Wallach, President of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens Modeling Agency, has created a book that helps young girls discover their inner and outer beauty. “My Beauty: A Guide to Looking & Feeling Great” offers tips and tools to help you look your best, all while reminding you that inner beauty is just as important. Based on Marlene’s opening message, you can see that she really believes in making girls feel special based on their unique qualities. She recommends playing up your special features instead of hiding them.

While “My Beauty” does encourage inner beauty, it is mainly a guide to looking your best. Inside you’ll find the best haircut for your face shape, easy hair styles, quick makeup tips, at-home spa recipes, and ways to keep your skin healthy. And all of that’s just the top of the iceberg. Marlene’s book encourages experimenting in order to find one’s best look. With fun, bright pictures, it’s sure to keep tweens happily busy trying out new spa concoctions and beauty tricks.

“My Beauty: A Guide to Looking & Feeling Great” by Marlene Wallach delivered just what I expected. It was a cute, girly how-to book filled with fun ideas, perfect for young girls about to hit their teens. I don’t think many teenage girls will love this, however, simply because the majority of us have gone through a few of these how-to guides. For those of us who have exhausted the other guides, “My Beauty” won’t offer much more. I didn’t learn anything new, except for a few spa recipes that, admittedly, I’m excited to try. Although teenage girls won’t find much in this, I do believe, however, that girls who are almost teens (think 10-12) will have a good time with “My Beauty.” It will provide plenty of entertainment for sleepovers and get-togethers. Marlene’s notes and memos provide cool tips and interesting facts, all while adding color and interest to the pages. Marlene Wallach has created a comprehensive guide of beauty tips that will keep girls occupied. While it may not be for older teens, tween girls will have lots of fun experimenting and trying new beauty ideas.

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