“Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager” by Diana Tuorto

“Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager” by Diana Tuorto 1024 744 Reader Views Kids

Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager

Diana Tuorto
Independently published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8865090182
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (01/2024)

Feral barn cat Ms. Alberta has found a new loving home when she stumbles upon Mama’s horse barn in “Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager” by Diana Tuorto. She loves spending time with Mama in the barn and knows when Mama is done caring for all the horses, there will be some special one-on-one time together with her snuggled up on a hay bale. Mama asks Ms. Alberta to come inside the house to live with her, but the cat is too hesitant to make such drastic changes. Mama respects Ms. Alberta’s wishes.

Then one day, Mama has chores to do in her house, and without thinking, Ms. Alberta starts following her up the pathway to the front door. But on the way, she gets the biggest scare of her life. She meets up with Mama’s dog, Iggy. He barks so much at her; that it frightens her enough to go running back to the barn for comfort and protection. Some time passes, and finally, Ms. Alberta decides to conquer her fears and try to go up to the house again because she wants to be close to Mama. Does Iggy bark and scare Ms. Alberta again? Does Ms. Alberta ever get over her fears and finally enter the house with Mama? Could Iggy and Ms. Alberta work things out together so they could be friends?

I absolutely loved this children’s story and felt as if I was watching everything happen firsthand. I loved how Ms. Alberta stumbled upon Mama’s barn and became such an integral part of the family that Mama wanted her to enter the house so they could live together. As I turned the pages, I could feel the love Mama had for not only her horses and her dog, Iggy but Ms. Alberta as well. I felt this was the perfect place for Ms. Alberta to call home, and it would be even better if she got over her fear of Iggy and finally entered the house. As I was reading, I found myself cheering Ms. Alberta on when she kept trying to overcome her fear of Iggy.

I also loved the great illustrations provided by Ava Bucci and felt they were the perfect portrayal of the story Ms. Tuorto wrote. Through the illustrations, I felt that I was right there in each scene feeling and seeing everything as it happened. I loved looking at the illustrations because they provided me with a sense of the true love and respect Ms. Alberta and Mama had for one another.

This story teaches readers a few lessons. First, that you should never give up on your hopes and dreams. Ms. Alberta hoped she would spend more time with Mama and she dreamed one day that she would get up enough courage to get past Iggy and enter the house. Another lesson is that sometimes friendships need a little work to get to a comfortable mutual understanding with each other. It took time for Iggy and Ms. Alberta to work through their differences together. The last lesson I see resonate throughout this children’s book is that because of the mutual love Mama and Ms. Alberta share, it helped Ms. Alberta overcome her obstacles eventually. Love definitely conquers all and Ms. Alberta learned that through Mama. She trusted Mama enough to help her face her fear of Iggy.

Overall, I loved this children’s book and feel the author did a remarkable job telling Ms. Alberta’s story to her readers. The reading age for this story is 4-8 years and I feel it’s the perfect fit for that age group. I’m an adult reviewer and I truly enjoyed getting to know Ms. Alberta and all the characters. I highly recommend this book. Well done, Ms. Tuorto!

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