Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control! (My Weird School Daze #1)
Dan Gutman
HarperTrophy (2008)
ISBN 9780061346071
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (9/08)


“Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control” is a book about a PTA president named Mrs. Dole.  Mrs. Dole wants everybody to graduate from the second grade at big party.  The PTA vice-president, Mrs.Young, just wanted a normal “step-up” party for the kids to move on to the next grade. But, Mrs. Dole insisted there was a gigantic party with all sorts of crazy stuff that was not necessary.  For example, she wanted a petting zoo with farm animals, a huge rocket of fireworks and an airplane flyover.

The kids in the school get involved in the argument about what to do. The kids all think Mrs. Dole should do what she wants, including all of the craziness.  They are looking forward to having lots of fun at a big blowup of a party.  But things don’t work out so well in the end. There is a fire and they realize that Mrs. Dole should not be in charge.

“Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control” by Dan Gutman is a good book for anybody who likes silliness and fun. It is part of a series of books about goofy grownups so I think you should read all of them. This book made me laugh a lot!

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