Mr. Sunny Is Funny! (My Weird School Daze #2) by Dan Gutman

Mr. Sunny Is Funny! (My Weird School Daze #2) by Dan Gutman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Mr. Sunny Is Funny! (My Weird School Daze #2)
Dan Gutman
HarperTrophy (2008)
ISBN 9780061346095
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (9/08)


“Mr. Sunny Is Funny!” is about a teacher from EllaMentrySchool who rents a beach house for the summer.  The house he rents is next door to the house that one of his students is staying in for the summer.  At first, A.J. (the student) is not at all happy his teacher is next door. Summer is supposed to be months of “anti-teacher” zones.  Eventually, A.J. and Mr. Sunny start doing things together.  They build a huge sandcastle, invent solar-powered panels for ipods and they go surfing.

Another student named Andrea and her family rent the house on the other side of where A.J. is staying.  Then things start to get really messy!  Andrea is annoying to A.J. and he always wants to get rid of her.  She doesn’t care and insists upon hanging around him.

I liked “Mr. Sunny Is Funny!” by Dan Gutman and thought it was really, really funny.  I liked reading about teachers who make kids go crazy and about kids who make teachers go crazy!


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