“Mother to Elephants” by R.G. de Rouen

“Mother to Elephants” by R.G. de Rouen 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

Mother to Elephants

R.G. de Rouen
R.G. de Rouen, LLC (2023)
ISBN 979-8986585499
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (12/2023)

A wild animal is only borrowed, if you truly love it, you must set it free when nature calls.

Growing up in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Daphne loved the animals. From leopards and zebras to impalas, waterbucks, and mongoose, her parents cared for many on their farm in Kenya. Growing up wild and surrounded by nature as a young child she was tasked with caring for an orphaned antelope.  Determined to care for him like his mother, she was saddened to discover that Bushy was gone one day, he returned to the wild he called home. 

Despite her sadness, she grew up to marry a man who loved animals just as she had.  With an affinity for elephants that trumpeted near the watering hole Daphne and David often camped at, they were determined to save the elephants from poachers and hunters. One day Daphne greeted a truck arriving at their home with the of tiniest elephants. No one had ever cared for such a young elephant, but Daphne was determined to mother it back to health.  Aisha the elephant soon grew to love Daphne, from walks to gardening, tea, and picnics.  Their love for one another inspired Daphne to orphan elephants to return to the wild.

“Mother to Elephants: The Story of Daphne Sheldrick” by R.G. de Rouen is a beautiful story of Daphne’s journey from childhood to elephant orphanage.  With a group of keepers and the survival of some of the youngest orphaned elephants, what Daphne has accomplished is truly extraordinary.  Elephants continue to be hunted for their ivory tusks, leaving many young without parents.  Daphne has stepped in, with her childhood expertise and caring nature, to give these babies what they need and the life they deserve. 

Illustrated by Kateryna Rohotova, the drawings within bring this story to life.  From the soft browns and yellows of the African landscape to the fun, young, and vibrant wildlife Rohotova’s illustrations add a sense of liveliness to the page.  Accompanied by R.G. de Rouen’s words, Daphne’s story becomes an incredible one, to be shared and remembered by the masses.

“Mother to Elephants” by R.G. de Rouen shares the importance of caring for our wildlife and the vital work of one woman in ensuring the survival of our elephants.  It is the message and reminder that these elephants are more than their ivory and trophy, and these actions leave orphans in their wake.  Thank you to Daphne Sheldrick and all those fighting to save our wildlife. 

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