Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers by Hongying Yang

Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers by Hongying Yang 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers
Hongying Yang
HarperTrophy (2008)
ISBN 9780061564727
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 12) for Reader Views (9/08)

Mo, a mischievous little troublemaker that apparently doesn’t know what is right and wrong, is at it again. Mo and his gang of mischief-makers battle for girls, for rare herbs, and for the right to enter a private toilet. In this entertaining book, four elementary boys spend their time planning mischief and jokes: camping in a ‘‘forest,’’ paying for toilets, and even eating steel balls!!!! Read “Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers” to find out how it all happens.

“Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers” is going to appeal so much to the elementary reader. They can relate the antics of these characters to their life and just laugh all the way through the pages.  This book might just turn non-readers into bookworms if you are the right age.   It is definitely a good buy for a younger kid.  It will conquer anyone age 10 and below.  There will just be no resistance. I, a twelve-year-old, still had fun with this book, although most twelve-year-olds will take one look at the cover and walk away. This shouldn’t be an issue as the writing was enough to at least capture attention if they get past the cover.  Both boys and girls will like this equally because although the main characters are boys, there are still so many faults and strengths to relate to with all the characters in this book in “Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers” by Hongying Yang.

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