“Moose Farts” by Shannon Burke

“Moose Farts” by Shannon Burke 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids

Moose Farts

Shannon Burke
Courage Kernel (2023)
ISBN: 978-1960636058
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (11/2023)

Moose is so silly that all he thinks about is playing fart pranks on everyone in “Moose Farts: The Moose Who Let Loose from His Caboose” by Shannon Burke. No matter who he is with, or what place he might be at, he just lets loose from his caboose. He loves playing so many fart pranks, that he has earned himself the nickname, Gas Gangster. Everyone knows he is around because he leaves his moose perfume in the air. Will Moose ever stop letting loose from his caboose whenever he is near someone?

I have to admit, when I saw the title of this children’s book, I laughed out loud and knew I had to review it. I wanted to read what Moose was up to and see what his silly pranks were all about. When I read it, Ms. Burke did not disappoint in entertaining me with Moose’s antics. I would love to know what prompted the author to come up with this book idea because, obviously, she has one funny sense of humor in how she portrayed Moose in this children’s book. I can only imagine if this book was read out loud to a group of children, the amount of laughter that would fill the room as each page was read and the illustrations were looked at by the children.

The illustrations enhanced Moose’s story, and page after page, I laughed harder than the previous one I read. The drawings of Moose himself were funny, and then looking at the illustrations of what pranks he was playing on that particular page, just added to the overall enjoyment of this hilarious children’s book. No illustrator was mentioned, so I am assuming Ms. Burke may have illustrated her own book. No matter what the illustrator’s name might be, I can tell you that they have a wicked sense of humor in how they drew their pictures to enhance the storyline.

Overall, I really enjoyed this children’s book and feel children will get a kick out of Moose’s antics. The reading age range mentioned for this book is 4-7 years, but I can assure you this adult got such a kick out of Moose’s silly pranks as I turned each page. If your child loves animals and playing pranks on people, I think they will love this book because it molds both things into this fun story. You will be laughing out loud with your child while reading Moose’s story. Honestly, I am not certain if Ms. Shannon Burke intends to make Moose’s story part of a series, but I can imagine reading things that Moose might do, at the movie theater maybe, or even the mall. There are endless possibilities where Moose can visit to do some more pranks, which will make her readers laugh out loud while following along on Moose’s adventures. I highly recommend this children’s book to everyone. Well done, Ms. Burke! 

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