Monster School: The Spooky Sleepover by Dave Keane

Monster School: The Spooky Sleepover by Dave Keane 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Dave Keane
HarperCollins (2014)
ISBN 9780060854775
Reviewed by Avery Summers (age 9) and Mom for Reader Views (8/14)

“Monster School: The Spooky Sleepover” by Dave Keane is about a young boy named Norm and his classmates, who are getting ready to have a sleepover in their school’s library after winning the local bake sale. Did I mention all of his classmates are monsters? But Norm’s not so sure about this whole sleepover thing. It’s completely foreign to him and just the thought of being in a new environment is making him nervous; but perhaps with the help of his fellow classmates and their teacher he’ll be able to warm up to the idea.

“Monster School: The Spooky Sleepover” is a book that explores the experience of trying new environments/things and leaving behind everything that is familiar. Whether it’s moving to a new town, going to another grade, or going to a sleepover for the first time; all of these things can be a bit scary when you’re young. And for Norm it was definitely scary. He didn’t have his cat who always slept by him, his nightlight was nowhere in sight, and his mother certainly wasn’t going to show up and sing a lullaby to him. But even when one unfamiliar thing after another happens, it wasn’t as bad as Norm thought it would be. Especially when he had his friends who would help make this new environment a little less scary.

All in all, “Monster School:  The Spooky Sleepover” by Dave Keane is a good book to have your children read on their own and come to realize that even if being in a new place or trying out new thing can be a little scary, things will turn out okay in the end.

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