“Monday’s Ball” by Segun O. Mosuro

“Monday’s Ball” by Segun O. Mosuro 386 499 Reader Views Kids

mondaysballMonday’s Ball

Segun O. Mosuro
Plasmoid9 Productions Limited (2018)
ISBN 9789789655632
Reviewed by Eliana (age 8) and Serenity (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (1/19)

“Monday’s Ball” by Segun O. Mosuro is the story of a boy named Monday who wants to play football with his friends. Monday does not have a ball, and cannot buy one, so he is not able to play because he cannot practice. He decides to find a way to buy a ball of his very own. But in doing so, he will find out that an act of kindness will help him reach his goal instead.

We really liked the brightly colored pictures in this story, you could tell by all the detail what was happening as you were reading. The combinations of oranges and yellows made it feel like you in a tropical setting like Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria. I am in second grade and the words were easy to read and sound out, so this book is great for beginning readers. My sister and I liked how Monday wanted to help his mom by figuring out a way to pay for what he wanted and how he chose to show kindness, over getting money to pay for a ball.

“Monday’s Ball” by Segun O. Mosuro is a wonderful story for elementary school kids because it is great for those just starting to read, and ones that need practice like me. The story was fun to read, and you wanted to know how Monday found a way to buy his ball, so that he could play in the football game with his friends. I like reading a book that shows what happens when someone helps someone else. If I were Monday, I would have done the same thing.

My sister and I were happy that we read this story, it is a great book to add to our library for our home-school reading practice.


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