Mitch and Amy by Beverly Cleary

Mitch and Amy by Beverly Cleary 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Mitch and Amy
Beverly Cleary
HarperCollins (1991)
ISBN 9780688108069
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano for Reader Views (1/09)


“Mitch and Amy” is about twin bother and sister named Mitch and Amy.  They are nine-years-old and very different. They both liked different things and both were good at something the other wasn’t.  Amy was good at cooking and reading and Mitch was good at building things.  They did not get along very well at all.  They also tattle on each other all the time and see who gets the other in more trouble.

The school bully, Alan Hibbler, starts picking on Mitch.  When Mitch built his homemade skateboard, Alan Hibbler broke it into pieces and threw them at Mitch.  Alan also threw eucalyptus buds at Mitch and he threw balls of dirt and grass at him.  Mitch tried to ignore Alan’s bullying but once Alan started picking on Amy, Mitch had enough.  He was determined to stop Alan once and for all!

In order to stop the bullying, Mitch tried a few things. He tried to fight Alan, but they ended up in detention for fighting on school grounds.  He tried telling his parents what was going on, but that didn’t work either.  Alan got meaner after Mitch’s parents called Alan’s parents.  It seemed like things were never going to better. But they did.  Things got better because Alan, just like Mitch, had trouble reading.  They had this in common.  Once Alan found out that Mitch had trouble reading like he did, he stopped bullying him because he felt sorry for him.  He also stopped bullying Amy, too.

I really liked this book a lot.  It was funny and it sounded very realistic.  I would recommend “Mitch and Amy” by Beverly Cleary to anyone who wants to read a good book.

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