Miranda’s Beach Day by Holly Keller

Miranda’s Beach Day by Holly Keller 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Miranda’s Beach Day
Holly Keller
Harper Collins (2009)
ISBN 9780061582981
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 5) for Reader Views (3/09)


“I chose this book because I love the beach, I love to swim and I love to play in the sand. I like it when Miranda pretended to be a mermaid. I love the pictures. In this book I learned that we need to be friends to all kinds of animals and the ocean. I love ‘Miranda’s Beach Day.’  I want momma to buy it sometime.”

Parent’s Note:
Grayce wanted me to read this book to her first of the two we received to review. She audibly gasped in delight when she found out that Miranda was going to build a castle just for the crab. She asked, “Where is the crab?” on the page when Miranda describes putting the crab in the front door of the castle. At the end, when Miranda’s mother says, “The crab will always belong to the sea…and you will always belong to me,” Grayce smiled and said to me, “Like I belong to you.” And I said, “Yes, dear, just like that.” The next day, I found Grayce going through the book herself looking at all the illustrations. We would buy “Miranda’s Beach Day” by Holly Keller.


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