“Mia and Nattie: One Great Team” by Marlene Bell

“Mia and Nattie: One Great Team” by Marlene Bell 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Mia and Nattie: One Great Team

Author: Marlene M. Bell
Illustrator: Grace Sandford
Ewe-Phoric Publishing (2020)
ISBN: 978-0999539446
Reviewed by Evan (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (05/2021)

Mia’s grandmother owns a farm. She raises sheep. One day Mia, her granddaughter sees a baby llama that is very small, named Nattie. Nattie’s mother ran out of milk and could no longer take care of her so Nattie was on her own. Mia wanted to take care of her because Nattie reminded her of herself. She was little like her and Mia was going to help Nattie no matter how different she was. Her broken horn, shorter legs, and crooked smile made Nattie unique.

Mia helps feed Nattie and help her grow. She eventually got to join the other ewe (a grown sheep). Nattie copied what the older sheep were doing and learned how to be a sheep herself. Mia’s grandmother knew that Nattie was still too small to have her own babies and she wasn’t even big enough to live with the rest of the flock. So, grandmother told Mia she needs to find a home for Nattie. A neighbor wanted to buy her but Mia did not want to let that happen. She was going to find a way to keep Nattie!

A sheep had triplets, that means 3 babies. Two of the babies were getting milk but the third one was too little and couldn’t get the milk. So, grandmother suggested putting the baby with Nattie so she wouldn’t be lonely. Sheep love being around others. It worked. Nattie became a nanny and would take care of other sheep. There was a sick sheep and Nattie went and stayed round it. Nattie had a gift! Mia was able to keep her and Nattie became the best helper!

What is so fun about this book is it is based on a real Nattie! There is a photo of Nattie at the end of the book. She looks so cozy and cuddling. I think everyone could use a Nattie. I know I would want her to be snuggling with me. 

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