Max’s Magic Seeds by Geraldine Elschner

Max’s Magic Seeds by Geraldine Elschner 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Max’s Magic Seeds
Geraldine Elschner
Minedition (2007)
ISBN 9780698400597
Reviewed by Nicholas Lopez (age 6) and Leslie Granier for Reader Views (7/08)

Max received a very special gift for his birthday.  His Uncle Bill gave him a huge sack of various types of flower seeds.  Uncle Bill told Max to scatter the seeds on his way to school so the walk would be more interesting.  However, he told Max that dispersing the seeds would be their special secret.  Max does as he was told and soon the city is filled with beautiful flowers, which brings joy to the residents.

Nicholas thought, “It was cool how people liked Max and the flowers made the city pretty.  Max was happy he made other people happy.  I like Uncle Bill’s school bus.  He can bring Max and his friends to fun places like the movies.  I think Max grew too many flowers.  He should have saved some for next year.”

This book is geared toward children between the ages of six and eight.  It teaches kids about the beauty that can be found in nature.  It also demonstrates that small acts (such as planting seeds) can result in great happiness for others.  The illustrator did a nice job of making the pictures change from a dull city into a beautiful place.  “Max’s Magic Seeds” by Geraldine Elschner is a cute story that also provides the opportunity to teach kids to appreciate the small miracles of life.

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