Maximum Ride Book #2: School’s Out Forever
James Patterson
Little Brown Young Readers (2007)
ISBN 9780446618892
Reviewed by Jevaryon Jennings (age 16) for Reader Views (3/08)

All and all, I would have to say that this book is excellent.  The storyline is great and there is just enough action so that you enjoy the book at the same time not forgetting the main plot.  I would jump at the chance to recommend this book to readers, young and old, although it is written for the younger generation.  I would highly suggest that the author James Patterson, would, if not already, continue to write books from this series — not only from this series but from any other things he has to offer from his imagination.  I would rate “Maximum Ride Book #2: School’s Out Forever” very high on any scale, so all and all, this book has my approval and I highly recommend that more readers, young and old, take the time to read and appreciate books written by James Patterson.

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