Maureen the Detective: The Age of Immigration (1903) (Sisters in Time #17)
Veda Boyd Jones
Barbour Publishing (2005)
ISBN 9781593106614
Reviewed by Anneliese Buenker (age 10) for Reader Views (2/08)

“Maureen the Detective” is a book about Maureen, who is an orphan.  She lived in Ireland until she was adopted at age 3 and now lives in America.

Maureen and her cousin Mark are fishing out on a lake when Maureen finds a ladies handbag.  When she looks inside she finds $96 and the name Mrs. Franklin Hoag.  She goes to Mrs. Hoag’s house to give her the purse.   While Maureen is giving Mrs. Hoag the purse, Maureen hears a sound.  “Put your hands up” the voice says.  While Maureen and Mark’s hand are up, Mrs. Hoag says that her bird Ruthie is a parrot and that is just her.  Then Maureen gets a job working at Mrs. Hoag’s house helping her organize her rooms.  While Maureen is working some of the trophies and paintings are stolen.  Now it is up to Maureen to find out who stole the paintings and why!

I really liked “Maureen the Detective” and hope you will too.  By the time that I was done with it, I realized that I felt truly exhilarated.

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