“Marky the Magnificent Fairy” by Cynthia Kern OBrien

“Marky the Magnificent Fairy” by Cynthia Kern OBrien 175 224 Reader Views Kids

Marky the Magnificent Fairy

Cynthia Kern OBrien
Story Monsters Press (2023)
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (04/2023)

“Marky the Magnificent Fairy” by Cynthia Kern OBrien is a delightful children’s storybook featuring the lovable red-headed female fairy Marky who is outgoing, kind, and a positive influence on forest creatures and other fairies alike. Unlike other fairies, Marky prides herself on her inner beauty, not letting the appearance of others determine their worth. This little fairy is a force to be reckoned with. When Marky is relentlessly taunted and body shamed by bullies that ridicule her physical abilities and appearance, she stands up for herself, and points out and reflects upon the positive strengths she possesses. Even though Marky’s wings are not the normal shape and size of other fairies she outshines them all with her innate ability to find the bright side of situations and includes others in her ability to search for the spark which makes everyone special and unique. 

“Marky the Magnificent Fairy” is a magnificent storybook for preschool to young school-age children. My granddaughters aged 3 and 7, fell in love with Marky the fairy and her bright outlook on life and the world around her. Marky’s lessons in the story are a breath of fresh air that values behavior over possessions. Bringing focus on the importance of inner qualities versus one’s appearance. My grandkids laughed and cheered as Marky spread love and kindness to everyone she meets and stands up for herself against bullies. No matter how challenging the dilemma she faces, Marky stands strong in her beliefs. Cynthia Kern Obrien’s tone of writing ebbs and flows perfectly in time with the scenes unfolding on the pages. Marky’s pleasant outlook and generous behavior will keep even the most distracted child entertained throughout the story until the last page. The illustrations are creative and laid out with vivid colors and realistic patterns. The images are so vivid that the story seems to come off the pages in an almost 3D effect. This children’s storybook is fun to read, visually appealing, and has an important moral lesson for children and parents to expand upon. I am sure “Marky the Magnificent Fairy” will become a cherished addition to any family, daycare, or teacher’s library.

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