Mandy’s Heart By Monica Stout

Mandy’s Heart By Monica Stout 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Mandy’s Heart
Monica Stout
Halcyon Press (2010)
ISBN 9781931823890
Reviewed by Madeline (age 9) and Sophia (age 7) McElroy for Reader Views (08/10)

Madeline: This is a book about five kittens and their mom. They were all wild and lived in the bushes. All of the cats are afraid of the humans because they think the humans will hurt them. Everyday they go up to one of the human’s porches and get food they leave out. One day while they were hunting they spotted their food in the mouth of a silver cage. They investigated it to make sure it was safe. They all got in and ate it, then slam – the cage door closed. The humans took the cage inside and all of them were scared and dirty. Then the mom human said, “While we give them a bath we will name them. So their names are Felix, Teddy, Oscar, Mary, and Mandy.” This story will take you on a feline’s journey to forever homes.

The artwork is really amazing. It was more amazing that the author herself did all the art on the computer! My favorite part was when all the kittens took a bath. My favorite picture is when the humans wrapped the kittens up in towels and cuddled them. It was so cute! I think kids of all ages would love to read this book or have their mom or dad read it to them.

Sophia: This is a true story about some wild kittens and their mama cat. The kittens spend their days playing and eating food left by the humans. The humans are trying to catch them because they want to help them find a new home at the adoption center, but one kitty gets a special surprise.

I thought this book was a little sad in the beginning because I thought the humans were trying to capture the kitties and hurt them, but they didn’t, they were just trying to help. I really love the cover artwork. My favorite picture is when Mandy finds her forever home. This book made me feel good when the kittens were adopted. “Bath time!” was my favorite part of the book. Oscar looks just like my kitty cat!

I really like the coloring page at the end of the book too, my sister colored it first, before she even read the book.

Madeline & Sophia: We really enjoyed “Mandy’s Heart.”


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