Magic in the Mirrorstone: Tales of Fantasy by Steve Berman, Editor

Magic in the Mirrorstone: Tales of Fantasy by Steve Berman, Editor 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Magic in the Mirrorstone: Tales of Fantasy
Steve Berman, Editor
Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780786947324
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 12) for Reader Views (7/08)

Through a mixture of interesting and magical stories, this book really will appeal to the ‘mystic’ lovers. The stories widely range, anything from street kids getting money to daemon gods destroying schools. There are goblins in magical schools and mystical monsters in oceans. You’ll never know what type of story you are going to dive into…

I was extremely interested in this book, although that doesn’t necessarily mean I liked it. The book “Magic in the Mirrorstone” has many unique qualities. It is composed of many short stories from different authors.  It has stories almost guaranteed that you’ll never see in a different book and has intriguing ideas. I would have to say my favorite thing about this book was how different the stories are. Because of that, this is an excellent book to pass the time or a goodnight read.

The age range of readers that’ll like this book depends on how much they can understand.  It is very confusing at times and the reader will need to be able to comprehend what is happening. Because it is only a couple of pages long for an entire story, authors don’t have as much time to explain things.  There are some sexual situations in this book, but nothing explained in any detail at all.  For these reasons, I would put this book at age 12+, mainly for the complicated stories (although not all the stories are complicated).

Since this book has such varying stories, I think both boys and girls would like this equally. I think this book would have been better if it had been a little longer, so as to have an easier time to understand the stories.  The writing in each and every one of the stories was still great. I have seen better, but nevertheless “Magic in the Mirrorstone” was definitely fun, and a good read.

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