Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens

Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Magic Hands
Jennifer Laurens
Grove Creek Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781933963976
Reviewed by Tabytha Joy (age 15) for Reader Views (1/08)

“Magic Hands” is about a high school jock who takes a job at a local nail salon. Cort really needs a job.  But no place is willing to hire him except for the local nail salon. Does Cort really want to take a job working with three Hispanic women?

Cort decides to accept this job. The only thing is that the manager expects him to bring in more customers. He can do this, but the biggest problem is that all the customers request that Cort do their nails and Cort cannot keep up. Will he lose his job?

Throughout this time, Cort grows close to Rachel, a girl that most of the school talks about as she is not like the rest. Rachel is not classified as a jock. Therefore, Cort never spoke to her.  That was until he realized that he had feelings for her. Secretly, Rachel likes Cort too. But she is not going to give in that easy. She plays Miss Hard-to-get. Will they ever get together? Or will they continue down the road to friendship?

In my opinion, “Magic Hands” was an interesting book to read as I have never heard of a jock taking a job at a nail salon, let alone a male jock. I really liked how most of the characters were realistic. I also liked the pace of the book. It was not too fast, but at the same time, it was not too slow.

One thing I did not like about “Magic Hands” was how harsh Rachel was towards Cort. What I mean is that Rachel took most of what Cort said the wrong way. She also acted too “good” for him. Throughout this book, Rachel played a part which made it seem like Cort was not worth her time. If I had to recommend “Magic Hands” to anyone, I would say it would be best suited for females between the ages of twelve and fifteen as the wording was made easy for such age to understand.

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