Made by Raffi by Craig Pomranz

Made by Raffi by Craig Pomranz 175 200 Reader Views Kids

Craig Pomranz
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (2016)
ISBN: 9781847805966
Reviewed by Lydia (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (4/20)

“Made by Raffi” by Craig Pomranz is the story of a little boy named Raffi who feels like he isn’t quite like the other boys at his school. The other boys like to play with balls, but Raffi doesn’t like the loud noise or how rough they can be.

One day at recess, he sees a teacher knitting something. Raffi asks her about it, and the teacher lets him try it out, and he likes it! Raffi is really excited and tells his mom and dad and asks if they can get him some yarn so he can knit at home. Raffi asks his mom why he is different than the other boys in his class, and his mom tells him that he is special, and they love him just the way he is. Raffi starts making a present for his dad for his birthday, then he makes a cape for the school play they are doing. It is sad that he gets teased by some of the kids in his class because he likes to knit. When the kids see the cape when it is finished, they all really like it and then like Raffi, too.

I think this story is a good one for kids of all ages to read, especially when they are in school. It is not nice to tease other kids, especially when they like different things than you. I like the colors in this book because they are bright and pretty to look at – especially Raffi’s scarf!

Note from Mom: Not everyone knows the correct way to react to having different interests than others. It is always assumed that if you’re a boy, you’ll like playing football and being tough and doing “boy things;” however, as this book shows, there needs to be kids like Raffi who can create beautiful pieces of art to be enjoyed for the public. Overall, this is an enjoyable book to read because it highlights our differences in a good way, shows how ignorant young people can be about this issue, and shows how it can all be overcome by spreading happiness, cheerfulness, and acceptance.

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