Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells

Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Mackenzie Blue
Tina Wells
HarperCollins Children’s Books (2009)
ISBN 9780061583087
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 11) for Reader Views (1/09)


Do you keep a diary? If you do, you sure wouldn’t want your diary to become public. Isn’t your diary the place where you write down your most private thoughts and feelings? Mackenzie Blue, whose nickname is Zee, has disaster strike! Her diary is lost and she thinks she knows who might have stolen it.

She has a list of suspects but how can she find out for sure what happened to it. She thinks it might be her new friend Chloe who took it. Or maybe it is the boy named Jasper, who has been her friend for quite a long time. Could it be one of the two girls who like making her life miserable? Clues are discovered by the exchange of emails, text messaging and instant messages. This is friendship in the 21st century.

They have a long-time substitute teacher, Mr P. Zee had written a song for Teen Sing but that too is in the missing diary. What if someone else decides to pass it off as their own? Mr. P. has a guitar and helps Zee with her audition for Teen Sing. Will she be selected to sing in front of a large audience? She dreams of stardom which a lot of tweens do.

Tina Wells has written a terrific book for tweens, about tweens and the things that matter most to them. She includes a very meaningful lesson about the trials of winning and losing. Friends are there for one another no matter what the circumstance.  I really liked this story because the main character, Mackenzie Blue, goes to a private school just as I do. I had a hard time laying this book down until I was done with it. “Mackenzie Blue” will chase away your winter blues!


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