Lucky’s Mountain (Orca Young Readers) by Dianne Maycock

Lucky’s Mountain (Orca Young Readers) by Dianne Maycock 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Lucky’s Mountain (Orca Young Readers)
Dianne Maycock
Orca Book Publishers (2008)
ISBN 9781551436821
Reviewed by Regan Zaborowski (age 8) for Reader Views (7/08)

I really loved this book.  It had lots of my favorite things – a girl like me, who is a tomboy, a faithful dog, and lots of adventures.  It is about a girl named Maggie who has to leave her town because her dad died in a mining accident.  Her mom was taking her and her sister to live with other family in a big city.  Maggie was sad because she could not take her dog, Lucky.  She has to leave it with a scary man everybody calls Crazy Louie.  He lives on a farm where nobody else wants to live.

There are also two bullies who pick on Maggie all the time.  Maggie gets in trouble when she tries to take Lucky to Crazy Louie’s farm, and that man ends up saving her and taking care of her.  Even though she doesn’t want to, Maggie leaves Lucky with Louie, who ends up not being so scary after all.  Louie gives Maggie a surprise present at the end that makes her happy.

“Lucky’s Mountain” by Dianne Maycock was easy for me to read by myself.  It wasn’t boring, and there were lots of times that Maggie got into trouble and people she didn’t expect to, helped her.  I think she learns to get to know people before she calls them crazy or mean, and those people could be nice if she makes friends with them.  I was sad when Maggie had to leave Lucky with Crazy Louie, but happy when he gave her the present at the end.  I think Louie will take good care of Lucky.

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