Lucky Penny by Hill Kemp & Sienna Kemp

Lucky Penny by Hill Kemp & Sienna Kemp 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Lucky Penny
Hill Kemp & Sienna Kemp
Guardian Angel Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781933090870
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (7/08)

Have you ever had two of your closest friends not be able to get along with each other? No matter what you try to help them iron out their differences, nothing seems to help. It seems like this time will be different, but something always go wrong and they end up in a big fight. What if they would have a chance to work together for a common goal?

Penny Mason’s dad tells her about a contest that is coming up in their town. There is going to be a new playground. The contest is for all the people of the town. There is no limit on age or number of people in a group to design the new park. Who better than kids to decide what kind of equipment should go there? After all, a bunch of kids will be able to use this park since it is right next to the hospital.  Is this “designing team” of two white girls and a black one win the contest? It sure wouldn’t be for lack of trying.

This is an excellent book for tweens. The three girls have to put their differences aside to try to come up with a winning idea. There is a terrific lesson about friendship and accepting each other’s differences involved throughout the storyline. Sometimes I have two friends who can’t seem to get along, and think I have to be only their friend, but in “Lucky Penny” she is able to stay friends with both. There is also a lesson about Penny’s relationship with her older brother Evan. Evan will see Penny as not just his “little” sister anymore and realize that she is growing up.

I hope that Hill and Siena Kemp write more books like this one. “Lucky Penny” is a priceless treasure which will appeal to many girls. Finding a penny is supposed to be considered lucky. If you are searching the bookshelves for an awesome book, remember to pick up “Lucky Penny” today!

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