“Lost in the Supermarket” by Michelle J. Choi

“Lost in the Supermarket” by Michelle J. Choi 762 1024 Reader Views Kids

Lost in the Supermarket

Michelle J. Choi
Lumiere Picturebook (2019)
ISBN: 978-1952322020
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2024)

Lost in the Supermarketis a very cute story for young children about helping others and never giving up when something is important to them. I think it will be enjoyed by many children for its adorable story and the lovely illustrations in the book, both compliments of author Michelle J. Choi, who is herself a child who just loves to write.

Lost in the Supermarketis the story of five friends who call themselves The Foodys.  This group of friends; Ketchup the hot dog, Peely the banana, Sweetie the candy cat, and Arty the sneaky artichoke have come to Earth in order to find their other group member, PB, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich who has gotten trapped in a supermarket. As each of these determined friends starts searching in a different part of the market for PB, they discover a raccoon in the store who is looking for his own dinner. As the evil raccoon turns on The Foodys and decides to make them all his next snack, a surprise helper comes to their aid. Will The Foodys survive and find their dear friend? That is something everyone reading this story will want to find out.

Lost in the Supermarketis sweet and should be a must for all children. The characters that this young girl has created are brave, adorable, and determined, and these traits come through in the writing. Even when they are terrified they will not succeed, they continue looking for their friend and hoping for help. They do not give up and that is an important lesson for anyone, child or adult.

The illustrations in the book are very well done, again by this young author, and they really do make the story. The drawings are cute and the facial expressions of the characters are perfect for each situation. I commend Michelle Choi for the work she put into them to make them just the right compliment to the story she wrote.

Lost in the Supermarketis a delightful story that will be enjoyed by many young readers. The characters are different and very appealing to the entire story, and the book can teach so much about being brave and helping others. It also shows how much can be accomplished when you work as a team. I thought the story was engaging and well-done and I would recommend it to parents and teachers alike as one that young children should hear.

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