“Looking for Happiness” by Michelle J. Choi

“Looking for Happiness” by Michelle J. Choi 1024 754 Reader Views Kids

Looking for Happiness

Michelle J. Choi
Lumiere Picturebook LLC (2023)
ISBN: 978-1952322082  
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2024)

“Looking for Happiness” by Michelle J. Choi is an adorable story that teaches young children a very valuable lesson. It is a story that should be read to all children, either by their parents or their teachers, so that they can learn that happiness is something that needs to be worked for and should be found within themselves.

Looking for Happinessis the story of a boy named Dylan. His favorite thing in the world as a child was to create art. Dylan would paint, draw, and create sculptures every day because it made him happy. He also realized that it seemed like everyone around him wanted to judge his art rather than just enjoy it, so he decided to stop. Dylan did not want to be judged because it did not make him happy. This young boy then decided that he would instead spend his life trying to find happiness. Dylan quickly determined that the only way to be happy was to have no problems and, after watching the people around him, he decided that problems always seemed to come from money.

Dylan decided that, if he had tons of money, he would never have problems and therefore would always be happy. He spent all his time working towards his goal and eventually had more money than anyone else in the land. Unfortunately, he was still not happy in the way he thought he would be. Returning to his home he found that, even though his family had a small house and the town still seemed drab, people were happier than he was. Will Dylan ever find the answers to his questions and find a way to be happy again? Of course he will, but you will have to read the story to find out how.

Looking for Happinessis a wonderful story for children that is written and illustrated by a young girl who is going to grow up to be an amazing author if she keeps writing things the way she does. Dylan is a great character who we can see grow and change as the pages are turned. Michelle Choi takes her time in explaining how Dylan learns from his journey and children will learn a lot about how they should do things that make them happy no matter what some other people may think. The illustrations in the book are very well done and are a huge part of the story as they show the progression of Dylan’s adventure in a wonderful way.

Looking for Happiness” is an impressive venture into the world of writing and illustrating for this young author and it is easy to see that she truly enjoys what she is doing. I really enjoyed the story and think that it should be a must-read for children as they continue their journey through life and learning. Michelle Choi has done an excellent job, and I can’t wait to see what she does next. 5 Stars for this story!!

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