Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars By Mark Whiteway

Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars By Mark Whiteway 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars
Mark Whiteway
VBW Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781602645882
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (09/10)

“Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars” by Mark Whiteway is the story of five Kelanni travelers who must save their world from an unimaginable doom. The world of the Kelanni had always been peaceful until the humans invaded. The human invasion was repelled and the remaining humans had been exiled to a remote island. However, the humans are back and that means war. Can the humans be defeated before they activate their super weapon and destroy the Kelanni once and for all?

The world of the Kelanni is divided by a natural storm barrier that separates the world into the regions of Kelanni-Drenn and Kelanni-Skell. The barrier is nearly impossible to cross. After the human invasion, a dread plague struck the Kelanni reducing them to an unorganized and scattered state. Kelanni-Skell was able to recover from the plague faster than Kelanni-Drenn which remained in a dark age to the present. Kelanni-Skell was able to build and perfect flying machines called avionics and electrical technology.

When a band of traveling Kelanni from Kelanni-Drenn were shipwrecked on Kelanni-Skell, it turned both worlds upside down. The names of the travelers were Shann, a spunky youngster; Boxx, a mysterious Chandara; Alondo, a minstrel; Keris, a dark and dangerous former Keltar (Keltar were elite troops from Kelanni-Drenn that served a human known as the Prophet); and Lyall, the leader of the band. When they were wrecked on Kelanni-Skell the party was separated. Shann and Boxx were the first to make contact with the other Kelanni. However, no one accepted her story until she met Rael, a young Kelanni working as an apprentice to a scientist. They were able to escape in an avionic in an attempt to find Shann’s friends. Can they find Shann’s companions and destroy the human weapon before it is too late?

I would recommend this book to people who like action, adventure, and science-fiction. As soon as I started this book I was completely hooked and couldn’t put it down. The book was full of suspense that would hold on to you until you finished it. The book is the second in the series and could be understood without reading the first one. “Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars” was a great book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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