Llama Sounds? by Debbie Buttar

Llama Sounds? by Debbie Buttar 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Llama Sounds?
Debbie Buttar
GMEC Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780979430213
Reviewed by Cayden (age 5) and Aures (age 3) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (8/09)


“Do you know the sound a llama makes?  You say he makes no sound?  Hmmm, now let’s see…”  So begins, Debbie Buttar’s board book “Llama Sounds?”  In this compact, 14-page book, we explore the sounds that different farm animals like a sheep, a goat, and a cow make.  Then, in the end we find out what noise a llama makes.

Cayden:  “I didn’t know what sound a llama made.  I knew the other animals though.  It was fun making the noises.  I say ‘woof’ for a dog but it says ‘bow wow wow’ in the book.  I like the llama eating the page!  That is funny!!”

Max:  “I didn’t know what a llama said either!  I like when the llama goes like this (sticking out tongue).  I liked when he ate the green page too!”


Parent’s comments:


“Llama Sounds?” is a great little book to teach children the different sounds that an animal makes.  I think that this book would be a lot of fun for a young child who is just learning their animal noises, although I do have to admit that before reading the book I couldn’t think of what noise a llama would make either.  The illustrations are fun to look at, especially the last page of the book!  We highly recommend “Llama Sounds?” and also Buttar’s sister book “Giraffe Sounds?”

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