“Liun Frec” by Jessie Low Gan

“Liun Frec” by Jessie Low Gan 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Jessie Low Gan
Xlibris (2015)
ISBN 9781514421161
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (02/16)

“Liun Frec” is the sequel to author Jessie Low Gan’s first book, “Misty.” The story begins with Adaeze, who is waiting on the spaceship for Misty to return with supplies. The two are on the run from the Tetris army, an army that is planning to go to war with the planet Liun Frec. When Adaeze is kidnapped by the Tetris army Misty knows she must somehow rescue her from the evil Dr. Lysander. Dr. Lysander is using mind control on Adaeze, and running her through extensive battle training, as he plans to use her as the new leader of the Tetris army in the war against Liun Frec.

Misty realizes she cannot rescue Adaeze alone and along the way meets Toren, from the planet Oria. Toren offers to repair Misty’s spaceship, which was damaged when the Tetris army captured Adaeze, and ends up joining Misty on her rescue mission. The two head to Liun Frec to warn the inhabitants of the impending war and attack from Tetris and enlist their help in rescuing Adaeze. Will Misty and her makeshift army rescue Adaeze before Dr. Lysander uses mind control on her to carry out his evil plan?

The story is told in the alternating voices of Misty and Adaeze. I always enjoy stories in this format as it gives readers direct insight into the minds of each of the characters. It would of course, be most helpful to read “Misty” first, as “Liun Frec” is not a clear stand-alone novel. I did not read “Misty” and felt that I missed some of the important background information. I was however, able to piece together enough information to get the basic idea.

Kudos to this young author, who wrote the first novel in this series when she was just ten years old! I do need to point out that the book needs to be proofread and edited. Spelling and grammatical errors throughout made it difficult to read at times. I hope the author will consider having it professionally edited, as it is clear she put a lot of time into the project. Editing issues aside, “Liun Frec” by Jessie Low Gan is a story with great potential. Young readers will enjoy the action-packed plot and the fast pace in which the story develops.

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