Little Red Rhupert by D. Arthur

Little Red Rhupert by D. Arthur 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Little Red Rhupert
D. Arthur
Ostrageous Publishing (2006)
ISBN 9780978514402
Reviewed by Samuel Peralta (age 6) for Reader Views (1/08)

This story is about Red Rhupert.  In the story, he wonders why he is the only red rhupert around.  He wants to be like the other rhuperts that are yellow, blue, pink, green, and lavender.  He feels sad because he is different.  One day Red Rhupert visits the Big Bon Red Flugurt and learns that his color is not important.  He finds out that what counts is that he is a “rhupert.”  Even though his color is different, he is still a rhupert.

I liked the pictures in this story.  I also like that Red Rhupert learns that it is okay to be different.  The story reminded me that it doesn’t matter what color you are, that everyone is a person– and that is all that matters.  I think this is a great book for kids.  It will help them to remember that our skin color is not important.

Parent’s Note:  “Little Red Rhupert” is a wonderful book.  It teaches a valuable lesson in a fun and imaginative manner.  The colorful pictures keep the kids interested and the message is communicated in a light and casual manner.  This book can be used as a tool to talk about race, color, and overall differences.  Most importantly, it can be used to drive home the message that we are all human beings– no matter what our skin color.  The author gets a parents rating of five stars!

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