littlemisshistorytravelstomountvernonLITTLE MISS HISTORY TRAVELS TO MOUNT VERNON

Barbara Ann Mojica
eugenus STUDIOS (2016)
ISBN 9780988503076
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“Little Miss History Travels to Mount Vernon” by Barbara Ann Mojica is a different way to learn more about history. Is interesting to know that George Washington loved life on the farm. He was in Mount Vernon where he had this plantation of so many acres that was divided into five farms, and on one of them was the mansion where he lived with his wife.

In “Little Miss History Travels to Mount Vernon,” you will learn and see many things, just like if you were visiting the place. The details of his bed, the library, or even the kitchen and bedrooms of the slaves.

It is a fun way to learn with actual pictures of what you are reading. Until I visit the mansion, I will keep it in my memory.

I loved the pictures and Little Miss History, too.

A Note from Paola’s Mom:

What Paola most like about this series was the fact that she was reading about George Washington in a different way, learning other aspects of his life and observing the details in the illustrations.

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