Little Lovable Lucy’s Big Day

Norma E. Roth and Shayna Rose Penn  (Author), Adua Hernandez (Illustrator)
Wag Your Tale Press (2022)
ISBN 9781737663003
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/2022)

“Little Lovable Lucy’s Big Day” by Norma E. Roth and Shayna Rose Penn is a cute picture book with big life lessons. The authors offer readers the story of a family bringing home their first puppy, presenting both points of view: the puppy’s and the family’s. Readers will explore how each one is feeling as they meet and process the new situation at their own pace.

Many of us have gone through that moment as kids and as parents! A first-time experience is always filled with excitement and anxiety. I loved that this story also focuses on what the puppy experiences, so kids can relate to what the new pet might be feeling and understand why patience and kindness is needed when meeting their new family member.

Having a puppy is not for everyone. Yes, they are cute, and fun, but they are also a big responsibility. Basically, it is another baby to raise, love and protect. I always found that the rewards of a dog’s love always made the work worth it, and this is reflected in “Little Lovable Lucy’s Big Day.”

As little Lucy is learning the rules of the house and getting to know her new family, she is also learning how to trust and love her home. Readers will learn many life lessons through Lucy’s firsts. The beautiful illustrations as well as the storyline, will captivate kids and parents alike, making this book an entertaining and heartwarming experience, while also being very educational.

I love the fact that the authors set out to create a puppy character to teach parents and children how to welcome a furry family member. But I think that it is awesome how they showed readers how a little puppy can teach the whole family how to be caring, patient, and kind. Furthermore, it gives kids a puppy role model that they can look back on when confronting a ‘first time’ in the future.

Overall, I found “Little Lovable Lucy’s Big Day” by Norma E. Roth and Shayna Rose Penn to be the next best thing to actually having a puppy join the family! I recommend it as a five star lovely book for the whole family.

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