“Lily’s London Tour” by Bailey Ann Clark

“Lily’s London Tour” by Bailey Ann Clark 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids

Lily’s London Tour  

Bailey Ann Clark
Clark Publishing, LLC (2023)
ISBN: 979-8989292912
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (12/2023)

Travel from the United States to London, England is a massive feat.  The time change, travel planning from afar, and introduction to a world so far away is often hard.  It is also something many in the United States may never get to experience firsthand.  Author Bailey Ann Clark, along with illustrator Oksana Lysak, bring London to the masses as “Lily’s London Tour: A Travel Troupe Adventure” takes readers all across town as we are introduced to all the popular sights London has to offer. 

Lily arrives in her pink dress via the Underground and immediately sets off to see sights such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Tower Bridge.  With Harrod’s for shopping and even a break for teatime, “Lily’s London Tour” takes readers on a marvelous adventure.

This is a perfect read for both young and old.  For families looking to plan a trip to London and hoping to get their children excited about the trip, or just trying to learn more about different places, this book accomplishes it all.  Ending this read is a map of all of Lily’s stops as well as some trivia and fun facts, making “Lily’s London Tour” a fantastic read for seeing and learning about the world. 

Just one of the stops in the Travel Troupe Adventure series, “Lily’s London Tour” is full of bright and exciting colors.  Illustrated by Oksana Lysak, readers will be transported to each of the locations visited.  Lysak brings Lily’s stops to life with building detail and full-page spreads.

The beautiful pages combine with the rhythmic and poetic verses of author Bailey Clark about each stop on the tour to make a truly entertaining read.  With stops across the city highlighted in pink bold font, readers are sure to remember the Palace of Westminster, the Shard, the Cathedral of St. Paul, and so much more.

Bailey Ann Clark has created a memorable adventure throughout London.  Introducing us to all the sights, things to do, and Underground Tube travel.  Exciting both parents and young readers alike for all the joys London has to offer.  See London through Lily’s eyes in “Lily’s London Tour.”

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