“Light Up the States” by Debbie Hoven

“Light Up the States” by Debbie Hoven 499 386 Reader Views Kids

LightUpTheStatesLight Up the States

Debbie Hoven
Beaver’s Pond Press (2018)
ISBN 9781592987283
Reviewed by Eliana (age 8) and Emilee (big sister) (11/18)

In “Light Up the States” by Debbie Hoven we learn about the similarities and differences of each state as we travel all 50 states with the holiday lights. The USA has a rich history with its occupants who have come from everywhere around the globe and in turn, has been greatly shaped by them. Every state is unique from one another because of this and together with the holiday lights we will travel the USA and discover what each state is known for and what makes them so special. My family has traveled around the USA countless times and it never fails to amaze us on how similar some states can be while how distinct others are.

Not only is this a great book about learning about what each state is known for, but it’s also a great book for children who are learning the names and locations of these states. For every page, there is a map of the USA and the names of each state we are visiting. At the corner of every page, there is an icon with a colorful picture of something associated with those states and the abbreviation of each one. It was a nice bonus learning experience for them while reading this book and something I’ll definitely go back to using while teaching them about the 50 states. Eliana loved pointing out all of the places she’s learned about including the ones we’ve visited and things she experienced herself while we were there.

I thought this was a great book for learning about the country we live in and appreciate the childlike charm it had to it. We both especially loved the art. I thought it was very cute and perfectly fitted for a children’s book and it even inspired my sister to draw some of her own art of the states we’ve been too. “Light Up the States” by Debbie Hoven is one of those must-have books in your children’s library because of the wonderful learning lessons it includes about our country, with beautiful illustrations and a rhyming storyline.

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