“Life After” by J.C. Warren

“Life After” by J.C. Warren 663 1024 Reader Views Kids

Life After

J.C. Warren
Midnight Tide Publishing (2024)
ISBN:  978-1958673775
Reviewed by Shawna Thompson for Reader Views (06/2024)

“Life After” by J.C. Warren is a compelling narrative that follows six young adults grappling with the monumental task of surviving in the wake of a global crisis and the subsequent catastrophic forest fires that are ravaging multiple states. The story illustrates the unwavering resilience and indomitable spirit necessary to adapt and thrive in a world forever transformed by these harrowing events. Within the narrative, Winona and Jeremy’s poignant journey exemplifies acts of compassion, the willingness to take risks, and the power of forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Dee and Rowan, as siblings, embark on a profound exploration of their family’s hidden truths, fundamentally altering the trajectory of their lives. Diego and Mia, having experienced a life-altering experiment, must navigate the complexities of survival with only bathtub gin at their disposal amidst an unforgiving landscape. Will they all survive their harrowing journey? Who will cross their paths along the way, and will their fates intertwine? This intricately woven tale is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and ignite your imagination.

Venture into a world teetering on the edge of catastrophe, where the very survival of our planet is in jeopardy. This compelling narrative delves into the harrowing experiences of a group of young individuals as they grapple with the harsh realities of a world torn apart by devastation and insecurity. The deployment of the National Guard, delineating distinct zones according to the extent of devastation, poses formidable and heart-wrenching obstacles for those striving to endure.

I fell in love with Winona and Jeremy. Winona, who witnesses her mother and father killed, encounters Jeremy and takes him in. Their story will tear at your heartstrings. Dee and Rowan, siblings who have lost their parents, are on horseback, desperately trying to survive. The secret Rowan holds could destroy his sister. Lastly, the characters Diego and Mia will leave you gasping for air and asking yourself, “Could I survive what they have had to endure?” Their experiences are not just a part of the story; they are the heart of it and will make you feel their pain and strength. 

In the narrative, you will delve into the harrowing reality of regions designated as red-level zones, the most severely affected areas struggling with climate-related disasters. Additionally, there are orange-level states, those bracing for future disasters and needing urgent evacuation. The narrative also explores black-level states that are deemed no longer sustainable, where survival is a constant struggle. My state was classified as a red-level zone; what designation will yours receive? The vivid and compelling descriptions of the land, people, and states serve as a poignant and enlightening portrayal of this dire situation.

The President of the United States, Amelia Shaw, passed away last night due to severe complications from a coyote attack!

Readers of all ages, from teens to adults, will undoubtedly find themselves engrossed in the captivating tale woven throughout this extraordinary book. With its dynamic characters and immersive storytelling, this literary gem is poised to become a standout addition to school and home libraries. Its thought-provoking narrative and substantial thematic depth are not just anticipated but guaranteed to stimulate meaningful conversations. The book’s compelling themes and complex characters will provide ample material for lively debates and deep reflections in numerous book clubs, ensuring a rich and engaging reading experience.

I was captivated by “Life After” and I want J.C. Warren to grace us with a sequel that delves deeper into the lives of the characters I grew to adore.

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