Libertad by Alma Fullerton

Libertad by Alma Fullerton 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Alma Fullerton
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2008)
ISBN 9781554551064
Reviewed by Mary Johnson (age 15) for Reader Views (11/08)

“Libertad” is about two young brothers who lived at the city dump in Guatemala with their mother, until a freak accident killed her. Then everything changed and Libertad and his little brother Julio are no longer safe at their home. So they set out with their dog, Guerrero on their journey to the Rio GrandeRiver where they will cross into America in hopes of finding their father. But as they go they meet some very interesting people and learn what the most important thing in life is.

The only beef I have with “Libertad” is that there aren’t really any chapters in it. It’s like a bunch of puzzle pieces put together. It kind of looks like a book full of poems, the “chapters” are so short. But, overall “Libertad” was a good book.

“Libertad” is an amazing book. It gives an insight as what people in other countries go through in order to have freedom and secure a better way of life. I like the way Alma Fullerton adds the Spanish words in with the English. I’d say this book is for anyone boy or girl; age really doesn’t matter. All readers will enjoy “Libertad” by Alma Fullerton.

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