“Let’s Tour the World: A Globe Adventure” by Theresa Lynn

“Let’s Tour the World: A Globe Adventure” by Theresa Lynn 175 219 Reader Views Kids

Let’s Tour The World: A Globe Adventure

Theresa Lynn
Fulton Books (2021)
ISBN: 978-1649529169
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (02/2023)

“Let’s Tour the World: A Globe Adventure” by Theresa Lynn is the story of a young boy who uses his imagination and a globe with special powers to plan his family’s summer vacation. The story begins with an adorable rhyme and illustrations of a father searching the Internet, a Mom looking at brochures, a little girl on the floor with a map, and a boy mesmerized by a globe with glowing lights. The mysterious world globe spins and shines brightly as it transports the child to a tugboat on the ocean, where he sees dolphins and whales playing together. As the sun sets on the sea, the boy searches for a new destination and spins the globe. This time he is transported high on a mountaintop full of snow. In the distance, we find a hiking trail and a tent suggesting a camping vacation. Again and again, the glowing globe spins. Each spin whisks the young boy to a new vacation location. With a wealth of great vacation ideas, the boy finds himself back home safe and sound alongside his parents. 

“Let’s Tour the World: A Globe Adventure” has numerous teaching opportunities for parents to share with their children. Geography, topography, ecosystems, countries, states, and climate are subjects touched on during the story. The illustrations are playful for the child and inviting and colorful for the reader. I like how the illustrator matched the young boy’s clothes to the environment and adventure. Boats, planes, and trains are all methods of transportation piloted by our young adventure seeker handsomely dressed in a Captain’s uniform. No matter if it’s a day at the beach or a train ride across the country, delightful illustrations make each page a pleasure to see and read.

Ms. Theresa Lynn’s writing style is delightful, with a nice rhythmic flow, making it easy to keep the child’s attention while remaining engaged. This book would be an excellent story to read to a child that is anxious about traveling. “Let’s Tour the World: A Globe Adventure” is an appropriate addition to any family library, daycare, or classroom with children aged 3 to 8. 

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