Let’s Have a Daddy Day! By Karen Kingsbury

Let’s Have a Daddy Day! By Karen Kingsbury 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Let’s Have a Daddy Day!
Karen Kingsbury
ZonderKidz (2010)
ISBN 9780310712152
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 6) for Reader Views (07/10)

Grayce: “The book is about daddies…that they are special and the relationship between dads and their kids. My favorite part of the book is the tickle part because my dad does that to me. My favorite picture was of the tadpoles. I have caught tadpoles with my dad, but in our bathing suits. We haven’t played baseball in a long time, but my dad bought me a new softball and mitt for my birthday. Other kids, and their dads, would like this book.”

Parent’s comments: Grayce and her father reviewed this book together. We have several other “daddy” themed books but I like this book because it really stresses all the possibilities that the family can have together on a daddy day and the importance of play while children are little to create wonderful memories. “Let’s Have a Daddy Day!” is a simple, but inspiring message about just taking time to be with our children.


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