“Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine” by Sarah Vie

“Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine” by Sarah Vie 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

Sarah Vie (Author) Juliana Brykova (Illustrator)
Muse Literary (2022)
ISBN: 978-1958714218
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (01/2023)

Sarah Vie’s children’s book, “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine,” is a visually beautiful story with an important theme every parent should share with their child. The story follows a little girl who uses her golden sparkle to face her fears and never stops believing in herself. The illustrations stunningly display scenes as learning lessons and teaching opportunities. Author Sarah Vie constructs the story around her belief that “every person is rooted in love, and when we tune into the songs of our heart, we won’t ever forget who we truly are.”

Every child faces moments of anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity. Sarah Vie reminds her readers, young and old, how to ease these feelings, recenter, refocus, and believe in themselves. Vie uses repeated rhythmic phrases to reinforce a relaxation method while building self-esteem. Her writing style is inviting, calm and motherly. The technique “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine” developed helps children face feelings of loneliness, nervousness, inadequacy, and jealousy. Eight different scenarios set the framework for parents’ teaching opportunities. 

The illustrations in “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine” are gorgeous. They tell a story within themselves. The main character looks adorable sporting her disheveled hairstyle and dirty face. Her clothing choice of a sparkling pink tutu and yellow rain boots shows independence and confidence. You can tell this little girl stands firm in who she is. The illustrations display emotions through facial expressions and an array of beautiful backdrops. My favorite picture is when the little girl receives second place at a horse show. I had to laugh at the sight of a rider in rain boots on a plump little pony. 

In preparing this review, I sat down with my 3-year-old granddaughter to read her “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine”. We had such a good time breathing in and out while hugging ourselves and practicing feeling our heartbeats. She loved the picture of the ballerinas and baby because they reminded her of people she knew. The laughs we shared made my heart melt. Ella (my Granddaughter) and I highly recommend this book to parents looking for a self-esteem boost for their child. 

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