Lemonade Sold Out by Candi Sparks and Kelvin Sparks, Jr.

Lemonade Sold Out by Candi Sparks and Kelvin Sparks, Jr. 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Candi Sparks and Kelvin Sparks Jr.
Sparks Fly (2015)
ISBN 9780978944599
Reviewed by Faryal Jabbar (age 13) for Reader Views (11/5)

“Lemonade Sold Out (Can I Have Some Money?) (Vol. 5)” by Candi Sparks and Kelvin Sparks, Jr., takes you through the everyday relatable life of a teenager named Chris, as he discovers and learns entrepreneurial skills. It teaches the reader that business opportunities can show up anywhere, even in the simplest form. Chris undertakes a gym clothes and dirty laundry business, risking his reputation. The story, while simple, makes you want to continue to read with hints of suspense as to what will happen next. I found the new way of teaching to be refreshing because it expresses the goals in an understandable way. The story is easy to relate to by all people who have been to middle school.

“Lemonade Sold Out (Can I Have Some Money?) (Vol. 5)” achieves its goal, teaching kids the basic ideas of business while telling an engaging story. The main character is developed nicely to where you can connect to him as you read. I remember the feeling of forgetting my gym clothes and being embarrassed by small things just like Chris. Kids will either remember their own experiences or directly connect to Chris. The friends and family make the story feel more realistic. The dialogue is effective, though the way the characters speak sometimes feels a little cheesy. The book flows smoothly, the grammar enhancing the sentences. The ending concludes the story efficiently and gives the reader something to think about.

The book has a helpful guide to understanding the concepts and characters, which is perfect for lessons. The pages are nicely organized and creative. The table of contents is a perfect guide. The cover is slightly childish for a teen to associate with.  The title hints that the book deals with money though the plot of the story does not show that to the reader. The details enhance the story, but some lines may be better to omit.  The age group the book focuses on is a bit confusing, however younger and older children can benefit, whether a review or new information. I learned about investing and profit, topics I lightly grazed over in school.

“Lemonade Sold Out (Can I Have Some Money?) (Vol. 5)” by Candi Sparks and Kelvin Sparks, Jr. teaches kids about business while engaging them in a relatable story. I felt as though I was there going through the day with Chris. I would recommend this book to children who want to learn and achieve goals in business.

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