Laura and the Leprechauns by Amber T. Kingston

Laura and the Leprechauns by Amber T. Kingston 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Laura and the Leprechauns
Amber T. Kingston
Chrysalis Press (2007)
ISBN 9780979593307
Reviewed by Eric Zeda (age 9) for Reader Views (1/08)

This story is about a little girl named Laura who believes in leprechauns.  Her friends tell her that leprechauns do not exist, so she writes a letter to find out if this is true.  Two leprechauns, named Be-bub and Maddy, receive her letter and decide to pay her a special visit.  They travel a long distance on their magical shamrock to find Laura and prove to her that leprechauns are real.  When they get to her house, they leave clever notes and clues.  Laura wakes up on St. Patrick’s Day and finds a wonderful surprise.  She makes special friends and has a wonderful time.

I really enjoyed this book.  The illustrations and pictures are great.  I like the way some of them sparkle because they are covered with glitter.  I also liked pretending that leprechauns are real and that magical things exist.  I recommend “Laura and the Leprechauns” to anyone who likes to believe in magical beings, and likes to use their imagination.


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