Kyleah’s Tree by Janet Muirhead Hill

Kyleah’s Tree by Janet Muirhead Hill 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Kyleah’s Tree
Janet Muirhead Hill
Raven Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780977252596
Reviewed by Brenna Bales (age 10) for Reader Views (7/08)

This is the first book I have read by Janet Muirhead Hill, and I enjoyed it immeasurably. I am hoping that the sequel will come out soon and the same for the third of the series. The author brings out the characters’ true feelings and visions of what is happening in the book. She produces a feeling of understanding in you for Kyleah.

Kyleah lives in a foster home in Kansas, but runs away hoping to find her father and twin brother, Kendall. She runs away with her brother-like friend Benjamin, who makes up their phony travel story. They hope to get to Canada, where Benjamin hopes to find part of his family. They finally find relatives of Benjamin’s once they get there, but they never find Kyleah’s family during their trip. Her foster family flies Kyleah back to Kansas after the police come and find them in Benjamin’s grandmother’s house. Benjamin is allowed to stay with his family. Kyleah is in high spirits for Benjamin, but disappointed that she won’t get to see him anymore.

The author writes in a way that reminds the reader of what can happen in the real world. Anybody would enjoy reading this book because you see the characters learning life skills such as trust, determination, and working together. The trip secures the friendship between Benjamin and Kyleah as if they actually were brother and sister. I give the book a perfect score of five. This book has even taught me some life skills.

The ending reveals that Kyleah’s dream does come true. She discovers she really is beautiful inside and out, and in her own special way. I would very much like to see the author write a book about Kyleah’s real mother and father, and maybe even one about Benjamin’s life before the orphanage.

The ending of “Kyleah’s Tree” fills you with happiness just as when Benjamin sees his real family once again. It’s a great story that anybody will adore. It’s also a great story that you can read to the family. The author is a superior writer, and a great storyteller. I certainly hope to read more of Janet Muirhead Hill’s books.

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