L. Gina Davis
Outskirts Press 2016
ISBN 9781478753889
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“Kippy the Ant Overcomes His Fear of Leaving the House” by L. Gina Davis, is the story of how the life of an ant could be very sad when they have been stomped or crushed many times. Kippy had three good friends, the happy squirrel, the singing blue jay, and the carefree butterfly. Once, they came to visit and saw that he was sad and they tried to cheer him up. Kippy could not lie to his friends and he told them why he was so sad.

Meet Kippy and his three friends and see how a good friend can make a difference and help. See how each one of them did all what they could to lift Kippy up.

It is a very nice story that will teach you how important it is to understand that we all are different and not let others make you feel down, and how giving and being there for a friend is the right choice.

A Note from Paola’s Mom:

“Kippy the Ant Overcomes His Fear of Leaving the House” by L. Gina Davis is a very good story that will make kids understand the value of friendship, that we are all different and that being fearful sometimes is normal, but having the courage to overcome our fears makes us stronger.

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