“King of the Moon” by Mr. Kind

“King of the Moon” by Mr. Kind 333 500 Reader Views Kids

King of the Moon
Mr. Kind
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9781672407151
Reviewed by Alyvia (age 11) and Eliana (age 9) for Reader Views Kids (1/20)

“King of the Moon” by Mr. Kind is an unusual adventure that starts with an apple tree named Sam and ends up on a golden path to the moon. Clyde the main character loves his tree he calls Sam, and when Sam gets sick Clyde goes on a journey to the moon to ask the Moon King for help to heal his tree.

First we want to say we loved all the brightly colored pictures in the story. The book is like a beautiful rainbow, and the main character of the book looks and acts very silly.

When we were reading the story it had a feel of the Wizard of Oz but not to the Emerald City, to the moon instead. My sister and I liked how the storyline had funny rhymes and unusual pictures and characters.

Our favorite character in the story was the Moon Queen, she looked like a silver ballerina up in the clouds. We only wished that the story spent more time in this world, because it was like a moon wonderland. In this world there were crystals all over the ground and the sky had polka dots and stripes. We liked how the author added a talking table to help Clyde get to the Moon Queen.

Our favorite part of the story was when Clyde drank from the bottle to get big and went up into the clouds to talk to the Moon Queen. My sister and I thought it would have been neat if the story took you inside of her castle in the clouds to look around.

“King of the Moon” by Mr. Kind is a fun story my sister and I enjoyed. It is a short story but full of adventure, and with likable characters. I think the readers would have enjoyed it if Sam the tree could have talked, or there were more creatures Clyde could have met on the moon.

This is a great book for early readers, because the pictures are so fun, and the words are easy to sound out. We enjoyed “King of the Moon” by Mr. Kind and look forward to more books by this author.

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