Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals By Jane Landreth

Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals By Jane Landreth 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals
Jane Landreth
Barbour Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781602609518
Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views (12/10)

I really liked this book about Bible animals. There were a lot of animals that I liked already and many animals I didn’t know about before reading this book. I was surprised to find out that all these animals lived so far back in times. It was fun to look up the Bible verses of where the animals actually were in the Bible.

There is a “Did you know?” section about each animal with fun and interesting facts that was my favorite part to read. I never knew that a moth liked to eat sweaters! Dragons existed in the Bible, but they were really large reptiles, like lizards or dinosaur creatures. Did you know that a partridge lays up to 20 eggs at once!

The photographs in “Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals” were amazing, pretty and interesting. This is a long book, but I read a few animals each day.


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