Keeper of the Island (Keeper Series) by H.J. Ralles

Keeper of the Island (Keeper Series) by H.J. Ralles 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Keeper of the Island (Keeper Series)
H.J. Ralles
Top Publications (2007)
ISBN 9781929976393
Reviewed by India Furney (age 11) for Reader Views (1/08)

Matt is literally IN a video game.  There is a band of pirates who use a tourist attraction as a cover and then rob the passengers of the cruise ships.   From the upper deck, the ship appears as an old pirate ship for tourists to visit, but below, under the surface of the water, is a high-tech deck.  Here they have submarines, weapons, and computers that they use for modern-day pirating.

Matt gets the help of his friends Varl and Targon to help him find and destroy the Keeper.

“Keeper of the Island” is the last book in a series and even though I haven’t read the previous books, it was easy to follow the story.  It did make me want to read the whole series. I enjoyed the book so much it’s hard to pick a part that I liked the best.  I would recommend this book for girls and boys 8-12.

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