Keeper of the Empire (The Third Book in the Keeper Series)
H. J.Ralles
Top Publications (2004)
ISBN 9781929976256
Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 14) for Reader Views (4/08)

The story begins when Matt, after having been sucked into his videogame and completing two levels of the game, Matt arrives in the third level.  The third level is in the Empire of Gova.  Matt appears in a cornfield and is soon surprised by two grotesque lizard-like creatures, 8-feet tall, with extending tongues that paralyze on contact; the Vorgs are a formidable enemy.  The Vorgs are trying to capture a young girl named Angel.  The Vorgs succeed, and after hiding Matt’s laptop, Matt and Targon are also captured.  At the Vorg prison they meet again with Angel and discover that the Vorgs are brainwashing people to become zombielike workers.  The Vorgs are invading space aliens.  After escaping and joining up with the Govan resistance, Matt and Targon help formulate a plan to stop the Vorg invasion, find the keeper and get back to the correct place and time.

H. J. Ralles book “Keeper of the Empire” is a novel of utmost quality with a good plot and plenty of excitement.  “Keeper of the Empire” is for children ages 10 and up who enjoy video games and science fiction.  Also, be sure to read “Keeper of the Kingdom,” “Keeper of the Realm” and the next book in the “Keeper” series, “Keeper of a Colony.”

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