Keeper of the Colony by H.J. Ralles

Keeper of the Colony by H.J. Ralles 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Keeper of the Colony
H.J. Ralles
Top Publications (2006)
ISBN 1929976356
Reviewed by Karma Barry (age 13) for Reader Views (1/08)

“Keeper of the Kingdom,” Level 4 of Matt’s computer game, begins when Matt and his two companions show up in the Dark End of Javeer.  But he soon discovers that one of his comrades has been captured and the other has not yet been found.  Then it’s a race to the Underground and Javeer’s Gold Mine.  The threat of the Gnashers is a problem once a plan is ready to defeat the level, and a new twist is played in the level.

On Level 4 of his game, Matt will find it even more difficult than the other Levels.  After going so far and doing so much, he’ll need still more experience to find a way out of this Level vitorious, or suffer the consequences for his ignorance.

“Keeper of the Colony” is an interesting read set in the future with an even more interesting base.  I have never shown much interest in science fiction, but H.J. Ralles kept my attention on the pages throughout the book.

I would suggest this and other books by Ralles to science fiction, fantasy, and fiction readers around the ages of 9 to 15 or 16, depending on the strength of interest in reading and the genres stated.  But even if the reader prefers the television or game console they should still try the first three chapters.

As said, I’ve never read much science fiction, but I truly enjoyed “Keeper of the Colony” for its new style and setting.  I can understand some of the excitement of feeling like being inside a video game and blocking out the world surrounding you.  It’s a feeling of freedom, but can be very dangerous at times.

I think that Ralles should keep writing if she enjoys it!  I’ll want to read anything else she writes, for sure!

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