Katie and Kimble: The Magic Wish by Linda Thieman

Katie and Kimble: The Magic Wish by Linda Thieman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Katie and Kimble: The Magic Wish
Linda Thieman
Pale Silver Rainplop Press (2008)
ISBN 9780979439629
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views (4/09)


This is a story about two girls named Katie and Kimble. Katie is eating a box of Magic Wishes for breakfast and finds a coupon inside the box that says “good for one free wish.” Every time Kimble holds up the coupon and looks on the back of it says different messages. The last time they turned it over it read the wish will only last for two days. Katie and Kimble kept trying to think what they would like to wish for. Katie wished that Kimble could be human for two days because Kimble was a ghost. Kimble agreed on the wish. Kimble was scared but she knew it would be fun. When Mrs. Russell saw Kimble was a human she was so happy. Mr. Russell did not know about Kimble yet. When Mr. Russell got home from grocery shopping they had a talk about Kimble being in the Russell family. It was Mr. Russell’s choice. He agreed that Kimble could be in there family for two days. Katie was glad her dad said yes.

Kimble was starving while she was human. But after she ate lunch she got sick and threw up on the garage, but she was fine after. When the day had come that Kimble was going to turn back into a ghost they were all sad to see Kimble go. When Kimble had disappeared Katie was sad and ran to her mom and hugged her.

Katie went into the garage and looked at the scratch on her bike. Mr. Russell walked into the garage to see what Katie was doing. Mr. Russell told Katie to come inside because he had a surprise that would cheer her up. Katie closed her eyes and when she opened them, there in front of her was a picture of Katie and Kimble that really made Katie happy. But, part of her was still sad that she may never see Kimble again.

“Katie and Kimble: The Magic Wish” by Linda Thieman is the second book in this series about Katie and Kimble I have read. They are fun and easy for the reader to follow. I really like these books about friends because they always have a happy ending and make me feel good. I liked both books equally well.

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